Mark Lloydbottom, FCA

“Mark is a great source of practical advice which he shares in a very relaxed manner. His insights will provoke thought and drive revenue and profits. It is always a pleasure to work with this thoroughly engaging and knowledgeable gentleman.”

TD O’Neill, of TD O’Neill & Co, Cork, Ireland

 “Mark is a captivating and wise mentor who singularly nudged our business back on the right path to reset us on the most appropriate foundation for a successful and thriving accounting practice. His intuition, experience, knowledge and network in this area is profound and his insight into the future of the accountant indispensable.”

Candice Mullins of the Tax House, Grahamstown, South Africa

 “I have worked with Mark for over 15 years engaging with him as a consultant, mentor and sound friend. His advice is practical and straightforward. Listen and put in to action what he advises - those are the easy bits. Understanding the future of the profession and its direction - are the difficult bits. You will soon see that Mark has it spot on. Take note.”

Robert Frith of Frith & Co, Surrey, UK

“I attended Mark Lloydbottom’s powerful Double Your Income course on improving income. Accountants tend to deliver their services in traditional ways overlooking what clients need to help them with their business. The internal actions required to deliver a better client service leading to improve income are logical and easy to implement once made aware with great clarity by Mark.”

Malcolm Traviss of Traviss & Co, Liphook, Hampshire, UK

 “Mark's practical insights for accounting firms are clear, easy to follow and commercial. His knowledge and passion for the profession have long been self-evident. I know he means it when he says he wants to leave the profession better than he started in it. There's no hype in Mark's work and he has an easy to follow style that makes his advice compelling and easy to follow. I'm very happy to recommend his management training as being by far the very best.”

Mark Lee, Mentor for accountants

 “I can’t say enough about how Mark has positively impacted my professional career. His insights, experience and teachings helped me transform my accounting practice that I subsequently sold at a great profit. I highly recommend jumping at the opportunity to learn from Mark.”

Erik Solbakken, CPA, CA, Canada

 “I have known Mark for a number of years having heard him lecture numerous times. His enthusiasm is boundless and his knowledge of the subject is second to none. He keeps things real and makes you think about ordinary things in a different way. When organising practice management type lectures for conferences, Mark is my “go to” man.”

Barry Leibovitch, Chartered Accountants Chair, London, UK